Linen fabric

Linen is a natural fabric made from the fibers of the flax plant, and it offers a range of advantages and characteristics, including eco-sustainability.

MeetraLinen uses 100% stonewashed linen European based.

Stonewashed linen fabric is a type of linen that has undergone a special finishing process known as stonewashing. This process involves washing the fabric with natural stones, which gives it a softer, worn-in appearance and a more relaxed feel.

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Here are some key points highlighting the benefits of linen

Natural and Biodegradable
Linen is derived from the flax plant, making it a natural and biodegradable fiber. At the end of its life cycle, linen decomposes naturally, contributing to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly textile choice.
Low Environmental Impact
Flax cultivation typically requires fewer pesticides and fertilizers compared to other crops used for textiles. This low environmental impact makes linen a more sustainable choice in terms of agricultural practices.
Durability and Longevity
Linen is known for its exceptional durability. Products made from linen tend to have a longer lifespan than those made from some other fabrics, reducing the frequency of replacements and overall resource consumption.
Breathability and Comfort
Linen has excellent breathability, allowing air to circulate and providing a cool and comfortable feel. This characteristic makes linen an ideal choice for clothing and home linen, especially in warmer climates.
Moisture Absorption
Linen has natural moisture-wicking properties, absorbing and releasing moisture quickly. This feature not only contributes to comfort but also helps resist the growth of bacteria and mildew.
Linen is thermo-regulating, meaning it helps maintain a steady body temperature by insulating in cooler temperatures and allowing heat dissipation in warmer conditions. This quality adds to its versatility and year-round usability.
Recyclability and Upcycling
Linen can be recycled, and its fibers can be repurposed into new products. Additionally, the biodegradability of linen ensures that it can return to the environment without causing harm.
Ease of Cultivation
Flax cultivation requires less water than some other crops used for textiles. This aspect, combined with the fact that nearly every part of the flax plant can be used, makes linen a resource-efficient and eco-friendly choice.
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Linen Has Timeless Aesthetic

Linen has a timeless and natural aesthetic, providing a classic and elegant appearance.

This timeless quality reduces the likelihood of the fabric going out of style quickly, promoting sustainable consumption.