Linen tunic with pockets, linen long sleeved top - INDIGIRKA


Linen tunic with pockets, linen long sleeved top - INDIGIRKA



Body Size Guide

Size Bust Waist Hips
XS 30.7-33 in (78-84cm) 23.6-26 in (60-66cm) 33-36 in (86-92cm)
S 33-35 in (84-88cm) 26-27.5 in (66-70cm) 36-38 in (92-96cm)
M 35-38 in (88-96cm) 27.5-31 in (70-78cm) 38-41 in (96-104cm)
L 38-41 in (96-104cm) 31-34 in (78-86cm) 41-44 in (104-112cm)
XL 41-43.7 in (104-111cm) 34-36.6 in (86-93cm) 44-46.8 in (112-119cm)
XXL 43.7-46.5 in (111-118cm) 36.6-39.4 in (93-100cm) 46.8-49.6 in (119-126cm)


Linen flowy blouse INDIGIRKA will be a nice addition to your sustainable wardrobe. Linen blouse is made form 100% stone washed linen fabric. Linen is hypoallergenic, organic and highly breathable. 

Linen blouse has crew neck and long sleeves, longer back and pockets in the font. Linen blouse available in various colors.

Model is 172cm/5'8'' tall. Model usually wears S or M size.

Length of the blouse front: 25.5 in (65 cm)
Length of the blouse back: 31.4 in (80 cm)
Model in the picture wears size S.
Color in pictures: Cherry red.

Handmade with passion and devotion

100% linen fabric

Made with medium weight (205g/m2) 100% Europian linen fabric

100% Linen fabric

Plastic free packaging

We use plastic-free packaging to minimize our environmental impact. We're dedicated to promoting sustainability and reducing waste.

Plastic free packaging

Free color swatches

We include free color linen swatches with every order, allowing you to better select colors for your future purchases.

Detail of white today card, beige next card, and brown someday card with dot grid.

100% handmade

Our linen products are meticulously crafted, with each piece being 100% handmade by skilled artisans, ensuring attention to detail and exceptional quality.

Stack of three green cardstock boxes with 3 hole cutouts showing cards inside.


Meetra's quality of the linen fabric and it's excellent sewing skills are always top notch. My latest purchase did not disappoint. I will be ordering more of the many pieces Meetra offers in the near future. Great for summers in hot, dry Arizona!


die Lieferung war superschnell und es es ist ein seeehr schönes Kleidungsstück aus Leinen, das den Eindruck einer hphen Qualität macht



Shirt is lovely! Super helpful with a size exchange!